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Announcing the Opening of Emerald Health DPC

Apr 26, 2023

Recorded July 1st, 2021

Since this video was posted, a few of our processes have changed. Lab work is not included with the annual visit. It can be billed under your insurance or we can client bill the labs at very reasonable prices. The Family Discount was a limited time offer for patients who signed up in September 2021.

Introducing the opening of Emerald Health, DPC. Though we knew starting a Direct Primary Care office would be difficult to do on our own, Dr. Kelly and I thought "hey, why don't we do this together?". Because we practice very similarly. We like to take time with our patients and then we are constantly running behind because we take time.

So instead of trying to jam ourselves into the same kind of model and trying to fit into that, we thought there's got to be a better way. Direct primary care is the way for us to practice the way it should be. Taking time to take time with each patient's group and hear of all their issues.

We also love DPC because it offers: 

  • Full price transparency. No more guessing how much that MRI is going to cost
  • No hassling with insurance. Your monthly membership fee covers all of your visits. 
  • Longer appointments, so we can take time with each patient
  • Virtual visits through email, text, and video
  • We buy medications at wholesale and can pass savings onto patients 

Time stamps:

 3:59 Introduction
 19:49 Q & A session

Please remember, Dr. Kelly and I are enrolling just 250 patients each. If you have any like-minded friends that want to take back control of their health care, please send them to our website to get more information. 

Anne Gonzalez, MD
Emerald Health Direct Primary Care
Hickory, NC

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