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Aesthetics Referral Program

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Our current Emerald Health Aesthetics patients are eligible for a $50 credit for every family member, friend, or colleague they refer and who becomes a new patient. The referred patient also gets $50 off their first treatment of $150 or more.

How it works

  1. Referrers and referees must have a paying Emerald Health Aesthetics service in order to apply the credits to their accounts.
  2. Referees must complete the question “Whom may we thank for referring you?” when filling out patient intake in order to be eligible.
  3. Referred patients must receive a service from Emerald Health Aesthetics that costs $150 or more prior to credit being assigned.
  4. You, the referrer, will receive a $50 credit for each new patient you have referred that has registered and paid for one service over $150.
  5. Referral program credits do not apply for any patients that you may have referred prior to the launch of the program.
  6. Referral credits cannot be assigned to any already established Emerald Health DPC or Aesthetics customers.
  7. Only one referrer credit will be granted per each new referral account. If multiple referrers claim the same referral, Emerald Health Aesthetics will have sole discretion to identify the referrer for such referral.
  8. Referral accounts that are canceled by Emerald Health Aesthetics for any reason (non-compliance with our usage policies) will not be included in the program.
  9. Emerald Health Aesthetics credits are non-transferable or redeemable for cash.
  10. Emerald Health Aesthetics reserves the right to terminate the account(s) of any referring customer and/or referred customer.
  11. Credit can not be used on products.